Korky’s Press Event

I went along to the fabulous Korkys press event last week, showcasing all the new styles of shoes hitting the shores this A/W14. The event was held in korky’s Ilac Centre store.There was a whole range from heels to flats all shapes and sizes; prints, textures, colours in the new collection. I love that korkys have really listened to the catwalk trends this season and went with a 90s inspired collection. To be honest I was actually shocked of the variety of fashion forward shoes that the store had, Korkys are an Irish brand that have been established for 20 years so my feelings were that they would do the classic styles well but would not really be up with the international retailers and catwalk trends. How wrong I was, as you can see from the pictures below Korky’s new collection is really fashion forward and has something for everyone at a great price point.

Below are a few of the images from the press event along with some of my favorite styles.

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Aidan X



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For The Guys: The Man Bag Visual Edit


Every fashionable guy out there knows that a bag is not just a stylish accessorise to finish a look but god so we need them for all our stuff too. Gone are the days when men didn’t dare carry a bag or briefcase unless they were dressed in a suit and on the way to their wall street office. Today a “Man Bag” or the newer name that makes me nearly crack a rib laughing a “Murse” has become a staple in any mans modern wardrobe. With all major designers and the high street really giving man bags a modern look for the 21st century, So no more looking like a doctor doing house calls or a business man going to wall street.  Below is a breakdown of all the man bags on the market and I share some from my own collection at the end.

Satchel: The Satchel Bag really has became a household name since the hangover was released. I mean we all remember the classic line ” it’s not a man purse its a satchel” so a satchel is a bag with a strap that is worn on one shoulder and worn on the bag side of the hip. A satchel is very similar to a messenger bag but the only difference is that a messenger bag is smaller and simply for a few items or “messages”  where as a satchel is bigger and can be used to store documents or paperwork. It is more of a modern day briefcase really.


Cambridge Satchel Company Satchel

Tote Bag: Tote Bags are the bags of the artisans. I see time and time again artists and actors wearing this bag. I think that it suits the artisan mind very well. It is simple and fuss free. It is basically like a fancy carrier bag from Tesco. You can throw all your things in it and there is no fussy buckles or straps. I think this bag is the way forward for the modern man. I don’t own a tote bag recently but I have ordered one from Jack Spade. Hopefully it lives up to my expectation. you can see it Here ( Jack Spade Tote)


Jack Spade United Arrows Tote Bag

Briefcase: A briefcase is basically a handbag that may or may not have a strap, suitable for all documents and paperwork you may need. Traditionally they have been the go to essential for any business man and were made to resemble boxes. Not these new kids on the block, today they have a curvier  look and are much more functional.


Borlino The Modern Briefcase

Overnight Bag: Simply is what is is  bag for storing all your essentials for a night my overnight bag of choice is a bag from Kate Moss’s collection. It is a small black bowling bag made from Leather and Suede. It is small and sleek enough to just hold enough for a night. Similar black crocodile overnight bag here


Clava Canvas Overnight Bag

Messenger Bag: This bag got it’s name and design from the bags traditionally carried through history by whom else? Messengers of course. The bags are often made from canvas with a strap. The messenger bag is mostly worn cross body and on the side of the hip.


Mens Messenger Bag From Bag Earth

Backpack: Well this is a classic, We all have experienced the pain of our childhood carrying backpacks to and from school with enough books to start a small library in it. Now I very rarely use one as I feel they are so awkward to get my stuff out of. There is nothing as worse as rummaging through your backpack at the checkout to find your AMT card. ( Trust me I know) I do have a backpack which doubles as a laptop case so If I have lot’s of files to carry I will use it but other than that it sits in my wardrobe. My backpack of choice is from Wenger a Swiss brand specializing in Swiss Knife manufacture and outdoor apparel. My backpack from Wenger is a great buy and although I don’t use it that often it is very comfortable and protects my laptop and paperwork very well. Similar Wenger Backpack Here


Superdry Backpack From Next

Newsboy Bag: Another classic is the Newsboy named after the people who used to carry them, Yes you guessed right it was the the newsboys. This iconic style of bag is less formal than a briefcase and more style savvy than a messenger bag. In my books it gets some major style points. According to some this is the oldest form of bag. My Newsboy Bag of choice is a Ted Baker bag which I bought in Brown Thomas. I love that it’s big enough to fit documents and the odd magazine I purchase without looking like it’s bulging. It’s one of my favorite for a days shopping or travelling. The outside of the bag is 100% leather and the inside is a cotton printed lining which is super soft yet durable. The bag is great in the Irish weather as it can really withstand the rain. Similar Ted Baker Newsboy Bag Here


Newsboy Bag J Crew

Duffel Bag: Simply the handiest bag you will own. A good Duffel Bag is just what one needs for those business trips lasting three days or a short midweek break. They are very practical and sleek. I love mine as I can throw a few essential for shoots in it and I’m out the door. my Duffle Bag of choice is a Louis Vuitton Keepall 50, I love that it’s small enough to bring on a flight as hand luggage and big enough to fit almost a week worth of clothes. The only negative thing about the bag is that I bought the bag in monogram. If I was buying again I would buy the damier graphite as I do feel like the monogram is a little too tacky. Other than that it’s a great bag and the vachetta leather looks better with age. See the same Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 Here.

全品送料無料 ルイヴィトン ダミエ キーポルバンドリエール45 N41428中古SAランク

Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 Damier Graphite

My Own Collection: A Visual Diary.

Below are my top three must have bags X


Ted Baker Flight Bag   Similar Here


Louis Vuitton Keepall 55   Same Here


Ted Baker Messenger Bag     Similar Here

Stylishly Yours

Aidan X

Racing Ladies- How To Survive Ladies Day At The Races

Racing season is upon us yet again so I am going to share with you all my top tips for surviving ladies day in style

Breakfast: As our mothers always told us it’s the most important meal of the day and on Ladies Day it’s even more important. I have heard ladies skipping breakfast as they say that they were too busy getting ready or that it will make them bloat, the list goes on. Don’t skip breakfast as you will be starving later and it will be a pain to eat in a lovely outfit without the fear of destroying it. Not forgetting that the bubbly goes  to your head very quickly which could result in you doing some rather unladylike things in the excitement of it all like throwing your best Philip Treacy hat around.

Weather: Dress to impress but dress weather appropriate. I attended the five days of the Galway Racing Festival last year and I must say the four seasons experience was encountered on a daily basis to much of my dismay.Light thin layers that can be put on or taken off as the weather allows are the safest bet.

Shoes: Bring two pairs, The sky scraping stilettos or the show ponies as I call them and a little pair of flats or ballerina pumps. Save the heels for all the action in the course and wear the flats on the way in and out of the course your feet will thank you!

Emergency Kit: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times never leave home without a little emergency kit, I know it sounds a little grannyish but you would be surprised how a dress or hat can become loose or ripped so quickly. Your emergency kit should consist of  super glue, safety pins, hair clips, a little sewing kit and those little miracles that they call Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushion. They will save you from cuts and blisters of all sorts but if the damage is already done use some plasters instead.

Beat the bulging bag: Don’t go and destroy your bag by filling it with unnecessary items. The best thing is to go to Tesco or Boots and pick up some of the travel size products and share them out between you and your girlfriends so everybody is carrying some lotion or potion that you will need later and not just you.

Top Tip: to get rid of that unsightly hat band get two rubber bands and place them on your head the hat should stay security on unless windy. If it is very windy a spot of wig glue on the hat will keep it fastened to the rubber band and can be easily removed.

PS: If you want to be in the running for best dressed lady some race tracks have a requirement that you register and for others all you have to do is show up. For those of you who want to avoid disappointment make sure to check the policy on the racing festivals website.

Below are some of the stylist ladies who frequent best dressed lists and racing festivals year round X

Stylishly Yours

Aidan X

Lorraine Keane & Bairbre Power










ladies2_indo_377888t (294 x 521)




Lorraine Keane & Bairbre Power




Tipperary Ladies Day  21st July 2013



Summer Fashion Wrapped Up- The Iconic Wrap Dress

It’s one of the most flattering pieces out there and continues to reign as a summer staple in many women s wardrobe.Yes it’s the wrap dress I’m on about and if you don’t own one it’s time to invest in one.

The Wrap dress was invented by Diane von Fürstenberg in 1972/1973 and it is still stylish to this very day. You all may be wondering “what is so special about a wrap dress”? Well I’ll tell you what’s so special, A wrap dress is basically like a fancy dressing gown with most wrap dresses having a little belt to nip in the waist. The neckline of a wrap dress has the ability to shed pounds off a woman’s body and teamed with the right accessories and shoes a wrap dress can take you from your office desk to the hottest night spot in town

Wrap dresses are made with jersey fabric which is known for its body hugging properties(plus you can throw it into your suitcase and it will still look great when you unpack it) They also come in a variety of sizes prints and cuts ranging from very classic to very modern.

A good wrap dress can last you many seasons and is an essential wardrobe piece. Wrap dresses can really be dressed up or down depending on the event. If you bought a wrap dress that was not too daring in print you would get away with consecutive wears without people noticing, All you would have to do is change up the accessories, From a summer wedding, The races or just a family barbecue you can’t go wrong with a stylish wrap dress.

Check out some stylist ladies of all shapes and sizes below who know how to work the wrap dress

Stylishly Yours

Aidan X

Beyonce Wearing Wrap Dress

Beyonce Wearing Wrap Dress

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker


First Lady Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama


Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson


Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins



Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson


Some Tips from DVF

Some Tips from DVF


I took advantage of my time in Grenoble with a visit to the Musée de Dauphinois, found halfway up to the Bastille. Usually, this is just an archaeology museum which contains an underground tomb filled with old skeletons from the past, which is still pretty cool if you ask me. However, there’s also another side to it, filled with temporary exhibits… like a lingerie-through-the-years exhibit. Or a “History of the Alps” exhibit.

I think you all can guess which one I went to!

The exhibit Les Dessous was richly created  as a reconstruction of the lingerie industry in Grenoble. Upon entering the exhibit there were displays of vintage lingerie, as well as advertisements that could be seen throughout the city in the 1900s. As we walked through the exhibit the lingerie became increasingly modern and even featured pieces from modern designers made for American movies. The exhibit explained how the increasing popularity of French lingerie caused the industry to develop larger factories to keep up with the export demands and how that affected Grenoble as the hub of this activity. .
Les Dessous pays homage to how the evolution of lingerie affected the lives of women throughout the ages. The exhibit begins with corsets and vintage lingerie showing how women’s bodies were once constricted. The exhibit is meant to showcase how  the differences between vintage and modern lingerie propelled the emancipation of women. 

Below are some images from the exhibition

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Man Style Crush- David Gandy

Well hello Mr David Gandy

As usual Mr Gandy never fails to impress looking oh-so-suave in a tight-fitting grey suit, attending a private dinner hosted by Jonathan Newhouse and Tommy Hilfiger to celebrate London Collections: Men SS14. we all remember David in that ‘light blue’ Dolce & Gabbana fragrance campaign and has been a firm fixture on the international fashion scene ever since.

With wedding season in full swing, a smart summer suit is essential.Great advice given to me years ago from a friend Lisa Fitzpatrick was to go grey, Which is why I bought a slim fit grey suit in Zara that has traveled the world with me. Clashing prints are seriously on trend right now, and the British model is rocking this with his checked suit and polka-dot tie. Gandy completes the look with slicked-backed locks, a light tan and those piercing blue eyes!

Loving the look well you can get a grey suit that is of very good fit and in season from Next Light Grey Check Slim Fit Suit and for a summer twist a spotted tie is a must and this one is a steal at £10 also available at Next Navy Spotted Tie With Tie Clip


David Gandy

Lisa Fitzpatrick’s Diet SOS Launch

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of supporting my dear friend Lisa Fitzpatrick at her Book Launch for her new book Diet SOS. The stylish launch was held in the ever so stylish Morgan Hotel on Fleet Street in Dublin City

Lisa’s book charts her story from 15 stone wearing a size 20 to her weight now which fluctuates between ten-and-a-half and 11 stone Lisa recalled at the launch “I didn’t see it happen. I really didn’t look at myself and think I was a big girl. I loved my boobs. I thought they were so sexy because I’d never had them before.

“I used to really show them off. I look back at pictures now and they’re vulgar. They’re awful.” Lisa first noticed weight becoming a problem when she was with her daughter Sophie in a children s playground . “I was uncomfortable, I was unhappy, I was sweating and I thought this needs to end – not tomorrow, not next week but now and that was when I started to think positive and eat clean. And if I can do it everyone can.”

“It was emotional, it was difficult and every day for the first year I thought ‘I want to throw in the towel’ but I kept going,” she said.

The launch was attended by Lisa’s close friends and family and some celebrities and stars gathered at the do;  X Factor judge Louis Walsh arrived with his new band Hometown, model boss Andrea Roche, TV presenter Alan Hughes, Rosanna Davison, Louis Copeland and Lottie and Morah Ryan all attended the event .

Louis Walsh said at the launch “Lisa is one of the most positive women I know and I wouldn’t have missed her book launch for the world,”

Newlywed and former Miss World Rosanna Davidson was also delighted to step out in support of her friend saying “Lisa and I have known each other since I appeared in Miss World. She helped me pick my outfit so we have plenty of memories.”

I have been reading the book since the launch and have been reading the recipes especially(They taste amazing) and are all calorie counted so you know what you are eating.

‘Diet SOS: Life Changing Tips For Long-Term Weight Loss Success’, by Lisa Fitzpatrick, is on sale in all good book shops now by Kyle Books, €14.99


Lisa and her Husband Paul Fitzpatrick


Myself and Lisa


Model Boss Andrea Roche


Louis Walsh and his new boyband Hometown


Stylishly Yours Aidan X